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Currently documentation is available only within the Installation Guide which will be accessible as soon as the project is released.

In general the application is based on the following components:
  • SBPHolidaysApp - contains page codebehind
  • SPHelpers - contains helper class and ResourceExpressionBuilder implementation
  • SPDataAccessClasses - contains classes for getting access to SharePoint lists through SharePointUtility and also wrappers of these lists with appropriate logic
  • SBSPControls - contains webcontrol for usage within layout-based page of the application
  • SPFeatures - contains implementation of SPFeatureReceiver-based classes for ResourceExpressionBuilder feature and custom Theme feature of the application which have been got from the following projects:
    • SPWebConfig - SharePoint Feature for update of web.config during Activation
    • MasterPage - SharePoint Feature for adding custom MasterPage during Activation
    • Theme - SharePoint Feature for adding custom Theme during Activation

Also it is installed by the application which is based on the SharePoint Solution Installer but contains custom style elements and some other layout changes.

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